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North American Association of Indian IT Professional

  • Startup 2 Valley!                                                  

    NAAIP is joining hands in S2V society in flood recovery activities in Kerala. There is a list of activites we are engaged, those are supporting relief camps, water map of kerala, coding for kerala, etc. We have coding teams set up in New York, Silicon Valley, and Chicago. These teams work in parallel with teams in India. For more information -
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  • Hackathon                                                

    NAAIP has plans to host hackathons with specific topics in the near future in places such as Infopark, Technopark, Bangalore, Silicon Valley, and New York                              more...

  • Startup Events                  

    NAAIIP is conducting monthly events to support startups in NAAIIP Echo system. We have partnered with several organizations to provide needed support for our startups. Events are conducted in campuses & in incubation centers to support startups.

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    NAAIIP Campus Initiatives                  

    We are inviting Campus student associations to organize an in campus startup competition. Winners will get funded & an opportunity to visit leading startups in Silicon Valley.

    NAAIIP is supporting talents from campuses to become successful entrepreneurs. Innovative ideas from campus are selected for Angel funding. Marketing support is provided by NAAIIP for the startup projects. Incubation centers are opened at interested campus to enable students for easy access to the resources.

  • NAAIIP Angels                  

    Investing in a company with no history is a fairly radical and novel concept to a population with a very conservative mindset .NAAIIP Angels are a group of successful leaders who have successfully built, run and in many cases exited enterprises across multiple domains and industries who help entrepreneurs build and grow their ventures and enterprises into successful companies. They have already built and created a hugely successful global brand, there aim is to encourage young entrepreneurs to create new global brands with their flagship company.

  • Chapter Events                                                  

    Chapter events are conducted on regular intervals. Event topic changes from chapter to chapter based on member interests. IT consulting & startup events are most common discussion in most of our chapters. Consulting companies are mostly interested in the Startup programs since it is the future.
    Events such as job fares are conducted at campuses in the chapter location and public events at auditoriums or halls. For more information about events check out the event calendar or contact the chapter leaders.            

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