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NAAIIP'S Best Company Listing in IT Consulting

NAAIIP conducts an annual survey to identify the best places to work for IT professionals. We invite all interested visitors to nominate companies they consider as IT employers in USA. We then ask those nominated companies that meet our basic criteria to participate in our survey.
Now's the time to nominate an organization for the 2010 list, NominateNow!

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Our online survey is based on organization's Employee benefits, training and development, average salary increases, percent of staff promoted and turnover rates. In addition, we will collect information on each organization's Community involvements, mentoring programs and a variety of benefits ranging from elder care and childcare to flextime. The employee survey collects data on employee satisfaction with management, benefits, workplace culture, compensation and job duties. The survey should be based on those IT workers within the IT department who provide technology support and services to the entire company.

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