1. Can I become an NAAIIP member without joining a local chapter?
Yes. If there is not a local chapter in your area, you have the option of joining NAAIIP as an individual member. You will still receive all benefits as an NAAIIP member, but you will not be affiliated with a specific chapter. If a chapter becomes available in your area in the future, you can transfer into that chapter at any time. 

2. What are the volunteer opportunities with NAAIIP ?
NAAIIP is formed by a group of volunteers and spreading fast to all over USA. We need representation in all parts of US, Please volunteer to start a chapter in your home town.

3. How to start a chapter ?
First step is organize an event with your friends. Our back end admin team will guide your step by step process to organize a networking event.
4. What are the eligibility criteria to become an NAAIIP Member ?
NAAIIP membership is for any one who is interested in helping Indian IT professionals in USA. You have to be in US to be a member.

5. What is NAAIIP ?
NAAIIP is a Non profit volunteer association to help indian IT professionals in USA. We are not part of any government or a political party.

6. How to join NAAIIP ?
Enter your information through the Member registration URL from & you will be notified about your membership ID and your parent chapter by Email

7. Do I have the option of selecting my parent chapter ?
No, you will be allocated to the nearest chapter of your primary residence. If you shift your primary residence you can change your parent chapter.

8. Will I get discounts in any other chapter events ?
Your membership is tied to your parent chapter and you will get event discounts in that chapter only. But you are still eligible to get Published National NAAIIP Programs like training and other group discounts.

9. What are the benefits of individual memberships?
In IT - you need friends all the time, we get you networked within your specialization. We will give you FREE training and update your skills. You can give training and share your knowledge. Every chapter will have at least 6 events every year and you will get at least 3 events for FREE. Employment assistance through corporate members.

10. What are the different types of memberships ?
We have 2 types of memberships, 1. Individual memberships and 2. Corporate memberships.

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