1. I am not a member of NAAIIP - can I still get training ?
This program is aimed primarily for helping NAAIIP members to update their skills in the most economical way. NAAIIP maintains a policy to keep the expenses lower than what you pay in India.

2. How can I be a trainer for the programme ?
Certainly you can become a trainer of this NAAIIP program.NAAIIP maintains strict quality standards for this training program. You need to have a relevant work experience to become a trainer. NAAIIP admin team verifies the expereince and one of the representatives of the Director board needs to approve the selection to become a trainer.

3. How NAAIIP maintains the quality of each training ?
Every training session goes through revision by attendees and NAAIIP director board. Each trainer is graded by student reviews and this review is validated by team.

4. Why NAAIIP charges $100 as a registration FEES ?
NAAIIP - is a non profit association to HELP Indian IT proffessionals. Every training is co-ordinated by paid administrators, they take care of different levels of Quality checks before starting the training, during the training and after training. Admin team conducts 3 trainee evaluation and issue NAAIIP certificates on successful completion of the training program. All our trainers has several years of software development experience in relevant training areas. 75 % of the Registration fees is given to the trainers.

5. Is the Registration FEE ($100) refundable ?
You can be trainer after your training and you will get refunded with all the FEE you paid for your training and NAAIIP memberships.

6. What are the skills for training ?
As of May 2009, we have 6 Technical Training Tracks. As we get more qualified trainers we will add more tracks.

7. Whom should I contact for training ?
You can send an email to with your questions and it will be routed to the right contact. A director board of 6 members with a full time Admin manages training. Trainer selection, Quality Management are done by director board. All administrative, certification and registration process is handled by the training administrator.

8. I already used My FREE training, How can I get one more training ?
All NAAIIP members will get 50 % discount of the published NAAIIP training Fees.

9. Can I carry forward my unused training and use it in next year ?
No, All free training has to be used within that year itself.

10. Will I get selected for training right after membership?
No, Training registration is on first come first serve basis. If there is more than 5 registrations for one track, you will be put in a que and will be called for next available training session. We see large volumes of que all the time so, its always better to register for a training in advance.

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