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  • Networking platform for IT Professionals
  • Indian IT pros are valuable asset to US economy & educate US how good we are serving the country
  • Promote IT based charity projects to leverage Rural India development.
More Details

Provide helping hand for new Indian IT professionals entering US, connects with other members in the same location, provide guidelines for Indian IT professionals in India about US markets.

Create more social networking through online tools among Indian IT professionals.

NAAIIP need to work with other US associations to build a good image about good things done by Indian IT professionals for US economy.

Indian IT professionals can unite together to work along with American politicians, INS & other agencies to build a consensus regarding issues affecting Indian IT professionals.

Some of the Indian cities are taking advantages of the IT boom and still several cities are not getting the benefits of this scenario. Especially Rural Indian youth are still not leveraged to tap this knowledge revolution. Working with local bodies & Indian IT companies NAAIIP can build knowledge hubs to use IT to promote Rural India development.

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